When I worked in NYC (post 9/11), I was always wondering how I was going to store any type of gear to get me across two rivers into NJ to my apartment, so I could bug in or bug out if the SHTF and the bridges and tunnels were shut down.  I decided on, but never took action on an inflatable boat with wheels on the rear to drag it across land and a motor to get me across the rivers in a decent time frame.  It was an imperfect plan, for sure.  But it was a plan.  The next question, had a acquired said gear, it is a little bulky, and I am sure my company wasn’t going to let me keep a self inflatable compressed boat and gear in my cubicle.  Can you imagine the conversations with your colleagues and peers?  Ha!  

So, prior to my boat purchase that never happened, I started investigating where I would keep it, as well as some additional gear, such as a more complete Bug Out Bag than just my simple Get Home Bag, in the event I was stuck in NYC for an extended period of time.  These additional items would have included, additional winter clothes, additional summer clothes, additional rations, water, and yes, while illegal, a handgun and ammunition. Which, I might add is a HUGE felony in NYC.  I do not recommend you do this unless you are caching and it is only ever going to be used in an emergency.  So, that said… Where can one store all this gear?  Hmmm…

In many cities, closet size self storage units are all the rage.  For roughly $60.00 – $75.00 (which is a little expensive, but it is NYC) a month, you can get a 4′ x 4′ x 4′ Self storage unit.  Manhattan Mini Storage, for instance has 14 locations throughout NYC.  The location I was going to chose was on the west side on 44th Street and 11th Ave, near the Hudson River.

To reiterate a bit, the point of having the location was to cache gear while in the city, and to only ever access it in another real SHTF event in NYC.  11th Avenue and 44th Street is also a residential area, west of Mid-Town proper, and away from any financial area, etc.  So I was fairly certain that if there was a SHTF, less a major nuclear event in Mid-Town, that I could make my way west to the river and get the hell out of Dodge.  I thought that I hit pay-dirt when I found the mini self storage units.  They are really an excellent size for caching gear in the city.  So if you have a small apartment, and want to store more gear, such as your tent/shelter, Bug Out Bag, and other gear, these units may be a real consideration for you.

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