This week, I looked for more thought provoking videos than the standard stuff from week to week… As preppers in the burbs of a city, I think we all forget where stuff really comes from, and some of these videos address this.  If you are thinking about a bug out location, some of these illustrate what it might be like day to day at a BOL… I hope you enjoy.

Organic Dairyman: Director’s Cut

Making Cheese with Mike Rowe

The Reality Detached American

Moving from Preparedness to Self Reliance

Gardening for the Survivalist

Monsters of Anarchy – Post Collapse Considerations

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We’re a group of suburban preppers in the Northeast and live in the NYC suburbs that write The Suburban Survival Blog to talk about preparedness and self-reliance out there to help others prepare for what could be an uncertain future due to economic, weather, and other reasons.