So a couple months ago I bought a Henry .22 Survival rifle.  It is an interesting rifle that packs up into its own stock for storage.  I’ve shot it a couple of times and have mixed feelings about it.  It seems to do exactly what Henry said it would do, and the manufacturer stated you must use high quality ammunition with this gun.  This, I cannot verify, but I will tell you the rifle has a hard time loading soft lead rounds.  They seem to jam on the edge of the barrel as they try to feed from the magazine.  You should really use a coated round like something from CCI.  I have thousands of rounds of those and the seem to load flawlessly with the AR-7.  The rear and front sites are adjustable, but I am not thrilled with the rear peep hole they use.  It’s functional and works, but I am not overly happy with it.  I do like the rifle’s portability.  It is only about 16 inches in length when broken down into the stock, and is only 2.5 pounds in total weight.  It fits right in my Bug Our Bag.

I am not a professional gun reviewer, nor am I even an amateur. However, overall, I like this gun for what it is for.  I just need to be a little more proficient with it, meaning I need to put more rounds through it and practice with it.

I paid $200.00 for this rifle, and that is pretty standard.  I was actually pretty happy to find one for sale in the gun shop.  You can buy a scope and a scope mount for it, which I have had little experience with over the years, but will soon purchase and re-acquaint myself with.

If you would like more  information or reviews on the Henry AR-7, I have included several of them below.  Overall, for plinking cans, small game, and to have some fun with, I can recommend you pick one up if you have a few extra dollars laying around.

Here are the other reviews:

Video Reviews

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