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You know how you scour the Internet for information on prepping?  Do you know how you tell yourself you need to print out and create a manual for emergencies?    Do you know how you keep telling yourself you are going to organize those ideas some day, and make sure that everyone in your home or group has a copy so that they have a reference for everyone in your group or your family?

Are you just starting to prep?  Are you an experience prepper?  Do you want a quick reference guide to get you started or to augment your existing prepping lifestyle?  Do you want to learn just a little more or reinforce what you already know?

Well, all of that being said, if you answered yes to any of those questions, Bernie Carr’s book, “The Prepper’s Pocket Guide, 101 Easy Things You Can Do To Ready Your Home For a Disaster.”  It is a well organized easy read.  It outlines in specific steps “Getting Started, to Financial Readiness, to When It Is Time To Get Out, and much, much more.  Bernie talks about tracking your eating habits to know how to gauge what to buy and what to store to building a “Power Failure Kit,” something even I have not done…   Hell, I just go out and buy more batteries for a couple flashlights, lanterns, etc. with the exception of a couple oil lamps and oil… Or the idea of making food can rotation device out of… (Ooops, you’re going to have to buy the book).

My point, is this.  This is a great book for novice preppers and experienced ones alike.  It is a great book for getting a few new ideas or changing the way you do something today for more preparedness efficiency in your home.

Pick up a copy of this book.  Heck, pick up a couple copies of this book to give to another family member or prepper.  Bernie sent me two copies, and I gave one to a fellow prepper, just because it is one of those books to keep handy if you feel you need an ideas or a quick reference…

To buy Bernie’s book, you can click here, to get it on (softcover).  If you are a Kindle person, you can get the Kindle version here.


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