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First, this is an interesting book…  I 5-Minute Microwave Canning to see if there was a shortcut  to canning, and to help me understand if you could can/jar using a microwave.  If so, what foods you can can/jar.  My first disappointment was not with the book itself. It was because you could not can or jar traditional vegetables unless you were pickling them.  My second, was there were no meats either.  This is mostly because the method outlined in the book is a method that there are no acids in the process for meats or vegetables to help them to be preserved.  My bad and lack of knowledge in this area allowed me to think it could be done.  It is what it is….

That said, what this book taught me is that you could can anything from homemade peanut butter to tomatoes… That said, this is a “good times”  method.  What I mean by that is assuming the power does not go out, this is a method that can be used everyday as long as the microwave is running… The downside, is that if the power is out, you are out of luck and will have to use a more traditional method of canning / jarring foods.

The recipes in this book look good as well.  All of which are also all all prepared in the microwave.  Directions are simple to understand as well, and none of them look like they should take more than 40 minutes or so, making most canning jobs just an hour or so in length for you.

There is also a bonus section about drying fruits in the microwave.  Who would have thought?

In all, this was a pretty good book and if you want to can fruits, chutneys, sauces, preserves, and more, via the microwave, this was a pretty good book.  If you are going to use it in preparation for the future, and don’t mind the missing meats and vegetables, pick it up at

Now on to learning how to do it the traditional way…

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