Well, as it turns out, I have been able to save a little bit of cash recently.  A few dollars back in savings, paid off a credit card (two to go), and can think about replenishing my reserve cash fund.  Recently I wrote about having a reserve fund in my post, Apartment Prepping, the Real Deal In My Opinion.  While I am going to make a couple additional payments to the cards that I am trying to pay off, I want to separate some cash from the saving and put it in my safe box in the event of an emergency, or worse, an issue with our baning system, not unlike the one that hit Australia recently.  If you did not hear or read about it you can do so here on Apartment Prepper’s Blog.  Not a good sign for anyone.  Also, cash in hand is certainly better than an ATM card that does not work.  I realize that I rely HEAVILY on my ATM card and carry very little cash with me.  I have taken conscious steps to try to correct this and carry some cash with me at all times.  I try to have 100.00 dollars on me at all times if I can.  It is my belief, that in a VERY short term, if there is SHTF of any kind, 100.00 dollars can get you food, home, on a bus out of town, etc.  An ATM card that is not working will not get me very far.

That said, I am going to pull about 500.00 dollars cash out and set it aside to replenish my emergency fund.  Ideally, I want 1,000.00 dollars cash in the fund, but a little at a time.

I am also considering buying some silver rounds.  Silver hit 30.00 dollars an oz. today.  Just a couple days ago it was 28.00 dollars and change.  I fear it is going to continue to escalate.  I cannot afford much, but am going to make an investment plan in physical silver coins, where I buy a few every time I get paid.  Junk silver to me is out of the question.  The average person does not know what a 1964 quarter or silver dollar is worth, and they still look like a quarter or silver dollar.  I believe that because of that because they look like a typical quarter or half dollar, people will continue to treat them as such, no matter what they are worth.  I have been looking at the silver rounds from Silver & Gold Shop, as they were recommended to me by Jack Spirko, over at The Survival Podcast in a brief email correspondence a couple weeks ago.

However, silver coins that are an ounce each, look unique, feel unique, and sound unique.  You know they are not typical currency and can be treated as a barter item (in my opinion) of something worth much more.  Hell, if they economy stays out of the dumper, I will have made an investment in something that seems to have an escalating price tag, so it can’t be that bad an investment.

I have also been thinking a lot about barter lately, as briefly mentioned above… I think I am also going to start investing in the extra bottle of vodka, bourbon, and other bottles of liquor for barter as well.  I have always believed that if the SHTF, the economy was in the tanker, and my truck broke down, that in hard times a bottle of vodka might just be the right barter item over silver, gold, to get the problem repaired if it was not too awful.  Liquor is one of those “want” items that someone will do whatever it takes to get if they want it bad enough.  Besides a bottle of vodka has properties other than human consumption.  It can be used to clean wounds, cook with, depending on the alcohol content, be used to start fire, etc.

I still have not had the time to sit down and chat with my buddy the financial advisor, either, as mentioned in this post.

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