The road to my camp site in the Catskills. Beyond “imme­di­ate” repair.

This post is prob­a­bly more of a rant, and you will want to read the post over at Mod­ern Sur­vival Blog about Hur­ri­cane Irene: Main-Stream Slams Hur­ri­cane IRENE Prep­pers. Hon­est­ly, I am fired up.  How is it pos­si­ble the main stream media say some­thing like this?  Please read the Main-Stream Slams Hur­ri­cane IRENE Prep­pers post before read­ing my rant.  You will under­stand…

I have to be hon­est, it is not unex­pect­ed. The main stream media are pup­pets. They are NOT unbi­ased on any chan­nel.  They lean to the left or they lean to the right, the will inter­view dic­ta­tors and Pres­i­dents, and not inter­view dic­ta­tors and Pres­i­dents because or their lean­ing bias’s.  Peri­od. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the TV anchor in this case did not see videos such as these:

New Jer­sey

New York State

New York State (Catskills)



Had the anchor done the “required research” to pro­vide an “unbi­ased news report” of the dev­as­ta­tion of the hur­ri­cane, it might have been a dif­fer­ent report.

But I sup­pose for those that would have stayed home, in the eyes of that reporter, the storm would have had an invis­i­ble bub­ble around the home of the per­son that stayed and pro­tect­ed them. Just ridicu­lous. Some­times, I just do not under­stand the log­ic behind the media.

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I under­stand there is a poten­tial Cat­e­go­ry 5 Hur­ri­cane (Katia) form­ing that may come towards the east coast. It is poten­tial­ly 30% — 40% more pow­er­ful than Irene.  I won­der if we should all just go buy a kite and stay home next time. They (the media) thrive on dra­ma, and dra­ma draws view­ers, which in turn sells adver­tis­ing. So they lean one way or the oth­er because it draws a selec­tion of view­ers.

Hon­est­ly, while it is unfor­tu­nate that 20 (report­ed) peo­ple lost their lives because of the hur­ri­cane, 65MM peo­ple were affect­ed. That num­ber does not include the ones that are not report­ed yet. Those are pret­ty good num­bers if you ask me. The plans put in place after 2006’s Kat­ri­na dis­as­ter worked. Whether you think shut­ting down the tran­sit sys­tem in NYC was dumb or not, it was part of the plan that was in place. Whether or not manda­to­ry evac­u­a­tions in low­er Man­hat­tan were stu­pid or not, they saved lives, guar­an­teed. I’m not so sad for the main stream media. They need to get a taste of their own dra­ma, and tuck their tail between their leg for a while.

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