You read it right.  And, frankly this is just a theory I am developing based on a conversation I had today with someone.  Prepping is morally, the right thing to do.  I say this because being prepared for ANY type of disaster no matter what you prep for will ease your decision to have to compromise your values and your morals if there is a man made or natural disaster.

For instance, I am certain, that those who are not prepared will make impromptu plans to loot, steal, and beg for whatever they need in an extended disaster scenario.  By prepping, whether you decide to bug in or bug out, you elevate yourself above  the masses of people that may be forced to compromise their own morals.

Exploring the moral dilemma of self preservation is one that I have been pondering for some time now.  After many natural disasters that seem to make the news, there are quick reports of looting and rioting.  Of course, this depends on the magnitude of the disaster.  If it is not TEOTWAWKI in nature or what I like to call “isolated TEOTWAWKI,” meaning that the incident is isolated to a region, not unlike Katrina, where whole areas of that geographic area are considered uninhabitable going forward.  Docudramas and Edutainment shows such as “The Colony” have illustrated that looting for survival may in fact be a bitter reality many will have to face in light of a TEOTWAWKI and/or live with the consequences once order is restored to an area.

Further, I am going to hypothesize that if someone is in a survival situation and make the conscious decision to loot for food, water, shelter, etc. then they have made the personal decision that it is okay, because it is for survival of themselves or their family.  Conversely, if someone decides to loot physical non-essential items such as consumer goods for entertainment (stereos, TV’s, etc.) it can be hypothesized that the looter understands the consequences of their actions, have other intentions, and are willing to take the calculated risk.

My thoughts here apply mostly to urban and suburban sprawls with less consideration for rural areas.  Not that rural areas are immune.  They are not.  If your Bug Out Location is in a rural area, and that rural area is susceptible to suburban and urban migration of refugees/locusts then you still may be at greater risk of looting. This is especially true if the looters have had to trek for several days on foot to make it to your area.  Their morals and values will surely be compromised if and when they are not prepared to survive.

In conclusion, this post looks a lot like a looting post, but it really is not.  Looting was used as an example of moral compromise because it will likely be the most common form of moral dilemma most people will have if order is not restored quickly.  That said, I will reiterate the title, that prepping is the morally right thing to do for you, your family, and your neighbors.

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