Let’s see… We buy food.  We buy gear.  We buy guns.  We buy ammu­ni­tion.  We grow gar­dens.  We can food.  We talk about Bug Out Loca­tions.  We talk about Bug­ging In.  We talk about a lot of things, but as I was dri­ving home from work this evening, I had a cou­ple of thoughts.  The inspec­tion on my car is com­ing up at the end of June, and I am con­cerned, as I usu­al­ly am around this time, that my vehi­cle might need a few things this year; Brakes, tires, rotors, etc.  This brings me to the top­ic at hand.  First, how many of use prep and store the con­sum­ables our vehi­cles use?  I am not talk­ing fuel, assum­ing fuel will be avail­able when we need it.  I am talk­ing about those con­sum­ables we only need once in a while when we get an oil change or when we get our vehi­cle inspect­ed.

I was a lit­tle tak­en back by this thought.  By this, let’s assume that we have a car or truck.  Does­n’t mat­ter which one.  It is your Bug Out Vehi­cle and the vehi­cle you plan on using in a SHTF.  Let’s assume a cou­ple of hypo­thet­i­cal sce­nar­ios for a moment.  Either one or both.  Hyper­in­fla­tion, nat­ur­al or man made dis­as­ter.  Maybe both at the same time.  You jump in your Bug Out Vehi­cle, head to your Bug Out loca­tion, or maybe you just shel­ter in.  Either one.   When the dust set­tles, the sit­u­a­tion around you is grim, but you’ve got your preps and your BOV still runs.  Days go by and you quick­ly real­ize ser­vices are NOT going to return to nor­mal.  As I let out a big sigh while writ­ing this, I think; hmmm.  I have food, water, etc.  But my BOV needs tires and an oil change.  I’ve been mean­ing to do it and now the garage, Jiffy Lube, etc. are no longer ser­vices, stand­ing, etc.  What do you do?

Did you prep for your car?  Did you buy cas­es of oil so you had a year’s worth of oil?  Did you buy four or five oil and air fil­ters?  Should I go out and buy as “spare set of tires” to keep in stor­age just in case?  What if I have to use my vehi­cle for hard­er use util­i­ty?  Where can I get fuel?  I did­n’t store any?  Should I store fuel?  Where would I store it liv­ing in an apart­ment out­side the city?  Should I just buy a cou­ple of 5 gal­lon gas cans and run to the gas sta­tion if I bug out?

I’m putting the ques­tion out there for respons­es.  What would you do?  Would you spend an extra “X dol­lars” on tires, fil­ters, etc. to keep in stor­age?  How far would you go for prep­ping for your car?  Extra ser­pen­tine belt, anti-freeze, steer­ing flu­id, trans­mis­sion flu­id, etc?

I’ve been giv­ing this thought, most­ly because every­one talks about jump­ing in their car and get­ting out of Dodge, but the real­i­ty of it is, I think, at least I do, may take our vehi­cles for grant­ed because we can just jump in the car and go when­ev­er we want.

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