Please welcome The Berkey Guy of to the Suburban Survival Blog family.  I’ve been talking with Jeff the Berkey Guy for a couple weeks now, and has decided to help support our efforts here on the blog.  Please visit by clicking the link and/or clicking the ad to the right.  For those of you that don’t know about directive21 and Jeff the Berkey Guy, they have been Berkey Dealers for several years and have thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.  Learn a little more about the Berkey Water Purification system by reading on, and please visit to learn more.

People are always asking me why they should choose a Berkey Water Purificationsystem? If you have found yourself asking this question, or if now that you own one your friends are asking the same question, here are three reasons. Berkey® Systems are:

  1. Simple
  2. Effective
  3. Affordable


The Berkey Water purification systems are simple because they mimic nature’s water cycle. It is well known that high-quality carbon is unparalleled in helping to produce “better” water. If that was the only aspect of the Berkeys, then they wouldn’t be in a class of their own. Since they are gravity-fed, you can use any one of the Berkey systems Off-the-Grid! It does not matter if you are using them with your tap water at home on a daily basis, or if you are using them on the road with creeks, lakes, ponds, rivers, springs, streams, or wells. The Black Berkey Elements are also impregnated with proprietary media which allows them to enhance the ionic adsorption of contaminants. What does this mean to you?…they are effective!


For starters, their ability to remove the harmful effects of bacteria, cysts, and parasites is valuable. Those microbes are pathogens, and pathogens cause the types of issues that threaten health and well-being negatively. Berkey systems have been and are regularly deployed for use in areas where water quality is questionable and below U.S. standards.


The Black Berkey Elements are rated at 6,000 gallons of tap water. Whether you have the smaller or larger Berkey system(s), they will help you save money over buying “bottled” water-which is generally treated similar to processes that water utilities use. One set of Black Berkeys are rated to produce a gallon of tap water at under 2 cents, approximately.  The Berkey systems are also much more affordable than purchasing an In-House system that requires being connected into your plumbing. Such systems also are non-operational when water-pressure is lost in such events as leaks and emergent events. The Berkeys are also lightweight which makes them perfect for your immediate needs to evacuate a location or travel.

Simple. Effective. Affordable. Order your Berkey today.

-The Berkey Guy

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