I am guilty of this myself.  Being in the sub­urbs of one of the most fas­ci­nat­ing cities on the plan­et (to me) I too am guilty of whip­ping out a cred­it card or check card for every pur­chase.  What if the pow­er grid were to go down?  What if the bank­ing sys­tem went kaput tem­porar­i­ly.  Mon­ey would be unavail­able due to the lack of pow­er.  Those using mon­ey as a form of trade for goods and ser­vices that are still will­ing to sell would not be avail­able to you because you had a worth­less piece of plas­tic in your pock­et.  Cash would be king, for the short peri­od that those with goods would be will­ing to take it.

Now, that said, I should have pre­ced­ed this with the sce­nario as well.  Let’s assume the grid is down for a week, maybe two. so that you have an under­stand­ing of how you will be affect­ed.  I have a con­ve­nient store around the cor­ner and I would imme­di­ate­ly go try and buy all the addi­tion­al water I could out of the store.  Maybe some addi­tion­al Gatorade to add to my preps as extra.  With­out cash, could not do it.

Any­way, what spurred this lit­tle rant was a post on Bug Out Survival.com by Scott B. WIlliams.

You can check out the post here:  http://www.bugoutsurvival.com/2010/06/money.html

Scott most­ly dis­cuss­es hav­ing a lit­tle extra mon­ey with you and saved, how­ev­er, I am of the opin­ion, that if you do not, you should have a few hun­dred to a cou­ple thou­sand dol­lars in the fol­low­ing places:

  • Bug Out Bag: 200 — 500 dol­lars (cash)
  • Home: 200 — 1000 dol­lars (cash)
  • Bug Out Loca­tion: 500 — 3000 dol­lars (cash)

These are just my thoughts.  The mon­ey is there to get you through in the event you run across some­one who is sell­ing some­thing you need or to get you through a small rough patch while bug­ging in or bug­ging out.  You should not touch this mon­ey unless it is an absolute emer­gency.

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