Thought Leader Award

I fol­low a lot of blogs.  I lit­er­al­ly have over 40 blogs on my RSS feed that I skim or take a deep dive into on any giv­en day.  I lis­ten to sev­er­al pod­casts, five of them to be exact.  I have read many books.  I am involved in a prep­per group.  I try to get out there and prac­tice what I preach.  In the end, I con­tin­ue to be a stu­dent.  Let me tell you that if I did a deep dive into every resource at my dis­pos­al, I could fill 12 of my 24 hours in a day with sur­vival­ism con­tent.  

In 2011, I am going to occa­sion­al­ly pay homage to those authors, pod­cast­ers, etc. that have been around a while that I have a high respect fac­tor for and thing of as thought lead­ers in the “sur­vival indus­try” if you can call it an indus­try.

That said, the first one I would like to note in 2011 is M.D. Creek­more over at  M.D. is a con­sis­tent author with very orig­i­nal con­tent that is well thought out, and I think some­one every­one should read and learn from.  I do not know him per­son­al­ly, but though his writ­ing feel like I do know him.  He will tell you when he does not have expe­ri­ence with some­thing or that he has only tried it once.  He’s not an arm­chair sur­vival­ist, he is a sur­vival­ist.  His writ­ing appeals to me and thou­sands of oth­ers on a dai­ly basis.  To me, his con­tent is com­pelling, and cross­es demo­graph­ics and even the most expe­ri­enced of prep­pers can learn some­thing from M.D. or even from the mul­ti­tude of dai­ly com­ments he gets on his dai­ly posts.

I write this tonight after skim­ming my RSS feeds and com­ing across this post:  The Best of The Sur­vival­ist Blog 2010.  It is a post about some of the best posts (accord­ing to M.D.) that he post­ed this past year.  I tend to agree, because I have referred to sev­er­al of the men­tioned posts sev­er­al times for ‘per­son­al’ ref­er­ence.

This “Best of” post, how­ev­er got me think­ing. It got me think­ing about thought lead­ers in the sur­vival­ist and prep­per world.  There are a hand­ful that I feel I can relate to or have been drawn to, and M.D. is one of those guys.  So, M.D., if you read this, I label you one of the “Thought Lead­ers” that is doing more good for peo­ple than you know.

Thanks, and good job!

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