Thought Leader Award

I follow a lot of blogs.  I literally have over 40 blogs on my RSS feed that I skim or take a deep dive into on any given day.  I listen to several podcasts, five of them to be exact.  I have read many books.  I am involved in a prepper group.  I try to get out there and practice what I preach.  In the end, I continue to be a student.  Let me tell you that if I did a deep dive into every resource at my disposal, I could fill 12 of my 24 hours in a day with survivalism content.  

In 2011, I am going to occasionally pay homage to those authors, podcasters, etc. that have been around a while that I have a high respect factor for and thing of as thought leaders in the “survival industry” if you can call it an industry.

That said, the first one I would like to note in 2011 is M.D. Creekmore over at  M.D. is a consistent author with very original content that is well thought out, and I think someone everyone should read and learn from.  I do not know him personally, but though his writing feel like I do know him.  He will tell you when he does not have experience with something or that he has only tried it once.  He’s not an armchair survivalist, he is a survivalist.  His writing appeals to me and thousands of others on a daily basis.  To me, his content is compelling, and crosses demographics and even the most experienced of preppers can learn something from M.D. or even from the multitude of daily comments he gets on his daily posts.

I write this tonight after skimming my RSS feeds and coming across this post:  The Best of The Survivalist Blog 2010.  It is a post about some of the best posts (according to M.D.) that he posted this past year.  I tend to agree, because I have referred to several of the mentioned posts several times for ‘personal’ reference.

This “Best of” post, however got me thinking. It got me thinking about thought leaders in the survivalist and prepper world.  There are a handful that I feel I can relate to or have been drawn to, and M.D. is one of those guys.  So, M.D., if you read this, I label you one of the “Thought Leaders” that is doing more good for people than you know.

Thanks, and good job!

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