Hey everyone.  I felt compelled to write a quick note, since several readers have emailed me this week asking if I either quit writing the blog or asking if everything was okay.  I didn’t realize I had such loyal readers.  Thank you.  A couple things are up with me this past week, just to let you know what has been going on.  First, I am working on a VERY large project for work that is keeping me from having any of the extra time that I would normally have to write.  Not to mention when I get home at the end of the day my brain is fuzz.  The second issue I had this week is that the hard disk on my personal laptop died leaving me in the weeds on documents I had half written for the blog, not to mention several other projects, my music library, etc.  This is a work in progress to try to resurrect the data.  I do have a backup online, but it is all the configuration data that I am worried about for items such as iTunes for my phone, etc…   Add those two items together, and I am now tapping away on my work laptop, which, honestly I do not like doing.  I do not like to co-mingle work and personal stuff.

That said, I am still going to be on Dr. Prepper’s radio show this evening, in about 35 minutes to be exact.  If you are interested, here is the URL:

To be honest, I am shot, and feel ill prepared to be interviewed, but I will do my best.

Hope you all understand the lack of writing this week… It may be another few days before I get back to any serious writing.  One of my first posts may be on data preparedness…  Anyway, thanks for your concern, and yes, I am still here…

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