Not tech­ni­cal­ly sur­vival stuff, and there are cer­tain­ly new­er ver­sions of most of these PDFs, but some of you might find a nugget or two you had­n’t seen else­where: 

and heres a guy with a few files: 

and anoth­er site:–04-12_190455_HandgunDrills.pdf–04-12_190037_cowitness-laser.pdf–04-12_185341_ak-id.pdf 

Lib­ri­um no longer has many free down­loads, but you might find a file you want here: 

some car stuff, thought some might like it: 

not PDFs, but an inter­est­ing site: 

More of an aca­d­e­m­ic site, but might inter­est some­one: 

Some stuff that might inter­est some peo­ple:‑1–75.pdf 

Map stuff at bot­tom of page : 

A few gen­er­al PDFs:‑manuals-and-guides 

A few PDFs on the right on this blog: 

Cou­ple of rope-relat­ed PDFs here under the e‑books sec­tion for you knot/ rope fans: 

I’ve seen this else­where but nev­er checked out this site: 

They have more docs here: 

Some inter­est­ing doc­u­ments relat­ing to the moun­tain men that may have sur­vival appli­ca­tions: 

We always see US .mil FMs on gun boards. Here are the Cana­di­an equiv­a­lents, in case any­one has ever want­ed to look over their stuff: 

Aussie Med Stuff here:‑2–5_Army_First_Aid_Study_Guide.pdf

Some of this stuff might be of inter­est to some­one; I include it main­ly for the knot PDF’s: 

Enter­tain­ment Val­ue only. For you “zom­bie lovers” : 

Scribd is also no longer free, and they are delet­ing many files, so I can’t vouch if this will stay a valid link: 

I have no idea if any of this might be use­ful, but it looks inter­est­ing: 

DIY Gun­pow­der:‑h/28255‑h.htm 

His­tor­i­cal in nature, but you may find inter­est­ing: 

Bunch of solar down­loads here that might be use­ful to some­one: 

Infor­ma­tion in here sounds inter­est­ing in the right con­text: 

Some gen­er­al preped­ness PDFs from this site: 

There are chap­ters 2 through 4 online; here is chap­ter 4, about saws: 

While the par­ent direc­to­ry revolves around a par­tic­u­lar med­ical issue, i thought there were some items list­ed here that might have some gen­er­al med­ical inter­est: 

If you are into AKs, G3, etc, this guy seems to have a wider selec­tion of man­u­als than I’ve seen else­where: 

Weapons stuff:

Some non-sur­vival read­ing:

Some plant­i­ng PDFs on this site : pdf here:

A few man­u­als for .mil heaters list­ed on the right side of the page: 

Some PDFs and oth­er info in there that might be inter­est­ing :

Click on this guys’ pics and it leads to PDFs on the top­ic: 

Not quite sur­vival relat­ed, but inter­est­ing stuff: 

Med­ical info: 

PDFs at bot­tom of page:

Alco­hol PDFs on bot­tom of page:

PAW fic­tion:

Med­ical cheat sheets:

SOME stuff on this site is free and down­load­able. You need to pick around the fold­ers: … enneke.pdf … 1/mode/2up … %26hl%3Den … onanza.php … Skills.pdf … F‑CARD.pdf … 4–2008.pdf … x2h8mrLJyw … … tified.pdf
http://www.e‑ … 44–158.pdf … okshttp:// … target.jpg

Check out oth­er links to left of this page: … ement.aspx … p/item/330

A few more sites, con­cen­trat­ing on weapons man­u­als. Tried to not repeat any links already post­ed.

Right side of the page: … &Itemid=29

Links on right side of page:

Arti­cles and down­loads: … l_Book.pdf

Click on the pic­tures for the PDFs:

PDFs about radi­o­log­i­cal emer­gen­cies for first respon­ders:
Con­sid­er pok­ing around the rest of that site for more infor­ma­tion.

Some repli­ca­tion of some down­loads from else­where, but also some infor­ma­tion I haven’t seen any­where else:

Lots of down­load­able med­ical stuff here:!466

This link went out on one of the prep­per boards. Includ­ing it here for the folks who might have a rea­son to use one of the firearms-relat­ed cal­cu­la­tors: … mmican.pdf … ctions.pdf

Back­ground nuke info for those inter­est­ed: … /dtu/pubs/ … 1.2007.pdf … Hooker.pdf … temID=3990 … &q&f=false … &q&f=false … ts&f=false … ‑pdfs.html‑m/boltaction.htm … hives.html … ahawks.pdf

Surf around the par­ent direc­to­ry, but between the JPG col­lec­tion and the sur­vival books, I found these two links to be the most use­ful por­tions of the site: … Documents/ … rbjSfVa2bx … _eatem.pdf … shafts.pdf … ources.htm … marked.pdf

Scroll down page for some free plans: … l‑robinson

Spread­sheets for every imag­in­able thing. You might want to poke around the par­ent direc­to­ry as well. Obvi­ous­ly there is a focus here on agri­cul­ture, but see if any­thing else inter­ests you:‘Essentials%20of%20Home%20Production%20and%20Storage&ei=RVr3Tc3POqWn0AGJ_NyrCw&usg=AFQjCNGhKL42PszLTgXHqGibQO-VrCG4Ag&sig2=WnvLdSsUrHe2fSjRyaquFQ

You might find some­thing use­ful here about agri­cul­ture:

Most of this sites stuff is repet­i­tive, but since many of these sites seem to drop off the net with­out warn­ing, it does­n’t hurt to have a back­up site with sim­i­lar mate­r­i­al on it:

I saw this site and fig­ured stuff on it about the old dairy tech might help SOMEONE here even­tu­al­ly:

Most­ly dupli­ca­tion of oth­er sites’ stuff, but there ARE some things here I haven’t seen else­where:

You’ll need to do a search for “PDF”,“download”, direct link to each PDF: … _woods.pdf

Old stove instruc­tions:

Some of you who still have tools from when they made that stuff here in the US might find one or more of these use­ful: … brary.html

For any Brits in the audi­ence:

Shelf Sta­ble Ingre­di­ent Cook­book:

You’ll need to click on sur­vival man­u­als on the left side of the page: …

Free PDFs. Some are down­loads, some are read-online only

A few down­loads from a Brit scout site. Might be use­ful for teach­ing stuff to your kids:

I keep see­ing peo­ple­post about using a straight razor post-SHTF. You might want to read up on this: … ainers.pdf … enneke.pdf … r_hive.pdf .

Cou­ple of food/ for­ag­ing PDF links from this page: … al-library … php?id=171‑growers_library.aspx

Tin­foils loose here, read­er beware: … Rev­o­lu­tion … ut/gn4.pdf … rvival.pdf … ate­Con­trol … f‑security

Check out the man­u­al and pam­phlets sec­tions:

Not sure I’m ready to eat these, but some of you might find this cook­book inter­est­ing! … eSBBOn4B0g … bk_apn.pdf … php?id=900

Plant­i­ng sched­ules: … php?id=594 … php?id=598

It is a dirty job but I sup­pose some­one through­out his­to­ry has had to do it. if PDFs on sew­ers and their history/ upkeep are your thing, look here: … artpdf.pdf … ukuoka.pdf

Had­n’t heard of this site. Free e‑books: … agedie.pdf … eaters.php … hmcMrA5jZA

Gen­er­a­tor Man­u­als:,

You have to poke around the site to see all down­loads:

Read more:

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