Well, after being 0n the road this week, and I still am, I have decided that I am g0ing to start re-evaluating and writing in a more systemic fashion.  Or maybe systemic is the wrong word.  Maybe the right words are a more “organized way.”  I’ve been putting together an outline of areas that I have and have not been focusing, and want to put more structure to the blog.  I want to create a cohesive resource for those in urban and suburban environments that are looking to protect themselves and their families.

In the coming days and weeks, you may see a change in the way I write or the subjects or both.  I am not sure that matters, or whether you care, but it is to share what I know and learn in a more logical order.

That said, it is time for me to go to bed (long day on the road running around visiting customers).

Oh, lastly, I am not sure I am going to get to write anymore this week… I am just too busy.  I feel bad that I cannot, but I will get to writing more this weekend…

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About suburban

We’re a group of suburban preppers in the Northeast and live in the NYC suburbs that write The Suburban Survival Blog to talk about preparedness and self-reliance out there to help others prepare for what could be an uncertain future due to economic, weather, and other reasons.