So, I thought this was pret­ty cool, and some good advise.  In the event you have to bug out in the win­ter whether you start out on foot, or start out in a vehi­cle and then end up on foot in the win­ter with an ample lev­el of snow on the ground, you may end up hav­ing to sleep out­side in the cold.  While surf­ing the Out­side Online Web­site, I came across this win­ter camp set­up in the event you might have to stay sev­er­al days in the same loca­tion to help for­ti­fy your posi­tion, need to pre­serve food to fur­ther your jour­ney, need to stay sta­tion­ary due to an injury, or oth­er rea­son.

It is much more com­pre­hen­sive than the typ­i­cal igloo you would think of build­ing like my friend Michael Pewther­er has illus­trat­ed in his books.  Now, there is noth­ing wrong with an igloo mind you.  It does the job, as it has for thou­sands of years, assum­ing you can con­struct one.  I know for me, it would be a chal­lenge.  Some­thing as sym­met­ri­cal as you see in the pic­ture above, is prob­a­bly more time con­sum­ing than an igloo, but may be eas­i­er to build for me.  Any­way, I am get­ting a lit­tle off top­ic.

To see it in on Out­side Online, click below:

Note on Michael Pewther­er:

Michael Pewther­er Build­ing An Igloo © Michael Pewther­er, all rights reserved, used with per­mis­sion

If you have not picked up either of Michael’s Pewther­er’s books.  You should.  “Wilder­ness Sur­vival, liv­ing off the land with the clothes on your back and the knife on your belt” was a great sto­ry of how he and two friends spent the sum­mer in the for­est with noth­ing but the clothes on their backs for­ag­ing and learn­ing the ways of the land, prac­tic­ing their prim­i­tive skill sets.  I met Michael online, and still keep in touch with him occa­sion­al­ly to chat.  The sto­ry of prim­i­tive liv­ing is cou­pled with text and images on the “how to” of what they did/.  Every­thing from mak­ing prim­i­tive hunt­ing tools, uten­sils, bowls, etc., to catch­ing trout with their hands.  Yes, catch­ing trout with their hands.

It is a good read, and if you have some time, pick it up.

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