So, I thought this was pretty cool, and some good advise.  In the event you have to bug out in the winter whether you start out on foot, or start out in a vehicle and then end up on foot in the winter with an ample level of snow on the ground, you may end up having to sleep outside in the cold.  While surfing the Outside Online Website, I came across this winter camp setup in the event you might have to stay several days in the same location to help fortify your position, need to preserve food to further your journey, need to stay stationary due to an injury, or other reason.

It is much more comprehensive than the typical igloo you would think of building like my friend Michael Pewtherer has illustrated in his books.  Now, there is nothing wrong with an igloo mind you.  It does the job, as it has for thousands of years, assuming you can construct one.  I know for me, it would be a challenge.  Something as symmetrical as you see in the picture above, is probably more time consuming than an igloo, but may be easier to build for me.  Anyway, I am getting a little off topic.

To see it in on Outside Online, click below:

Note on Michael Pewtherer:

Michael Pewtherer Building An Igloo (c) Michael Pewtherer, all rights reserved, used with permission

If you have not picked up either of Michael’s Pewtherer’s books.  You should.  “Wilderness Survival, living off the land with the clothes on your back and the knife on your belt” was a great story of how he and two friends spent the summer in the forest with nothing but the clothes on their backs foraging and learning the ways of the land, practicing their primitive skill sets.  I met Michael online, and still keep in touch with him occasionally to chat.  The story of primitive living is coupled with text and images on the “how to” of what they did/.  Everything from making primitive hunting tools, utensils, bowls, etc., to catching trout with their hands.  Yes, catching trout with their hands.

It is a good read, and if you have some time, pick it up.

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