Well, I have to rant for a moment.  I walked into a Walmart the other day, and honestly, I don’t like doing that.  I went through the food section, thinking I would pick up a few items, and I was appalled.  What happened to the prices there?  They went through the roof.  The yellow smiley face guy was there, and I guess he was smiling because the profit margin went way up.  Seriously?  This was in a rural town where the cost of living is less than where I live in northern NJ, one of the most expensive places to live in the country.  This is in a town, where a good portion of the population lives at or just above poverty level.  Really?  I couldn’t believe it.  I usually shop at Stop & Shop in NJ and they are expensive, so when I go grocery shopping, I look prices up and down, and I am pretty familiar with the prices on the food brands I buy.  This inventory was 20 – 25% more in price.  What is going on Walmart?

I know the economy is bad, and companies need to continue making profit, but the food costs have not increased that much, have they.  Please someone chime in if you think I am a little crazy here.  I really would like to know.  Is Walmart (Chinamart) the evil empire for food now?  Is it across the board at your regular grocery store?  Please let me know.

After a few minutes of research, here is what I found:

Where is the truth, it sure does not look like it is between the lines when I was walking though the isles…

Oh, and those few things I was looking for were items such as dried beans, rice, etc. for my food storage.  Needless to say, I walked right out.  It’s okay though, because I found Corrado’s Restaurant Wholesale in Clifton NJ, now for a good portion of my dry storage goods, as well as vegetables that I can dehydrate myself, etc.  No more food at Walmart.  That is for sure.

Please comment on this, as I would like to hear more about what your thoughts are since Walmart has permeated our society.

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