Sigh, So here I was, about to write a post about some or many of the uses of Duct Tape in a survival situation.  Just before I sat down to write this post, I did a last minute search for Duct Tape and Survival…  I should not have been surprised when I found many bloggers have already discussed this.  So instead of recreating the wheel I am listing some of the sites that have already discussed this, because much of their content is already very good.  So here it goes:

My favorite use for Duct Tape:

  • Blisters.  Carry cotton balls and duct tape.  Cover the blistered area with some cotton, and tape over the cotton and the blister with the duct tape.  Make sure that the duct tape fully covers the cotton and the blister with the duct tape attached to your skin and not the blister in any way.  This extra layer should keep your blister from getting worse and add additional protection.  I have actually done this.  While it can still be a little uncomfortable, id does not hurt half as much if you left it unattended.  To add a little healing power, use a little triple antibiotic before you seal in the cotton ball…

Duct Tape is something that should be in everyone’s survival kit.  Gorilla Tape is said to be Duct Tape on steroids as well… Might pick up a roll and play around with it.

And finally, here is an interesting Duct Tape story:

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