Well, let’s see.  Here are some of the foods I recommend you keep in your car kit.  Some of these are personal preference, and some are what I keep min my car.  First, however, I want to let you know I keep a minimum of two liters of water in my car kit as well as a bottle of iodine tablets so that I can purify water for drinking and/or cooking in the event I get stuck or decide to do some impromptu camping.

That said, here are the foods and components I keep in the kit:

  • MREs – Meals Ready to Eat.  I keep at least two in my truck.  With as many as 3,000 calories in a meal, it has enough energy to keep you hiking for about 10 miles before you need to fuel up again…
  • Oatmeal packets – Good for breakfast in a pinch providing you with some good carbs.  I keep’em in my truck in the kit.
  • Dehydrated vegetables – you can eat them dry or you can boil them up as a soup.
  • Ramen Noodles – Why?  They’re dehydrated, easy to store in your kit, you can eat them dry or cooked.  A good source of complex carbohydrates.  I put my dehydrated veggies in the pot with the water, boil them up, and then add the noodles.  You get the carbs and more fiber in the noodles this way.
  • Dehydrated soups in a bag – Generally a good source of carbs, fiber and protein, you can ration them because they are powdered.
  • Dehydrated emergency foods –  from such vendors such as Wise or Mountain House.  You can buy Mountain House single serving packets at Walmart if you are so inclined…
  • Power and Energy bars –  I think these go without saying.
  • Bag of trail mix from the grocery store.

Other items you may want to keep in your food portion of your kit:

  • 18oz steel camping cup to boil water and cook food in.
  • WWII style mess kit
  • Mini stove with Trioxaine fuel bars
  • One Gallon plastic zip-lock bags
  • One five gallon collapsible water container
  • Aluminum foil

So that is what I have in my kit in a backpack in my truck for food.  It is always there in the event I need it.

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