Could what happened to communications in Egypt this past week happen here in the USA?  Last week, in an attempt to censor communications in their country, Egypt’s government shut down the use of Facebook and Twitter.   Eventually they shut down the Internet altogether in the country as well as all mobile phone communications.  In light of the wide spread protests in the capital of Egypt, Cairo, and the rest of the country, pulling the plug on all communications is not only censorship, it is the sign of a dictatorship that does not care what happens to it’s people.  Very disconcerting to me.

You might not think that this is a big deal, but millions of people lost communication with not only the outside world, but with their families and loved ones.  You might only think that this is possible in a second or third world country governed by a dictatorship or other ‘ruling class.’  Here is the problem with this thinking.  First, last year in his infinite wisdom, Joe Lieberman introduced a bill for an “Internet Kill Switch.”  Yes, it’s true.  I didn’t even know this was the case.  I know the government still has control over the Internet, and I didn’t expect our government to introduce a bill that violates our first amendment right to free speech.

Here is an article on Fast Company which outlines more:

I would love to know your comments on this.   To me it reinforces what you should know about communications and how you should reinforce your (my) own communications plans if the SHTF the way it has in Egypt.

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