Ide­al­ly, you replace one can of some­thing with two cans of that same some­thing when you use it and you are rotat­ing your preps.  Late­ly, I have been a bit lazy think­ing I have had enough, but I real­ly do not, and if you read Fri­day’s post, clear­ly my head is spin­ning about what to do…  After post­ing last evening, I threw togeth­er a list of addi­tion­al items I want to add to my preps to either replace or add to what is already there.  Here is what I have come up with.  I hope this helps fill in some of your own gaps.


  • Soups (Canned) — Cost­co / var­i­ous
  • Stew (Canned) — Cost­co
  • Canned Pro­tein — Cost­co — Chick­en / Tuna
  • Cof­fee — Cost­co (a cou­ple pounds at the very least)
  • Canned fruit — Cost­co
  • Apple cider vineger — A cou­ple gal­lons at least
  • Sea salt — 5 LBS??
  • Kosher salt — large box (Qty 2)
  • Pow­dered milk (Sev­er­al Box­es)
  • Gatorade (Pow­dered)
  • Iced tea mix (Two large con­tain­ers, Pow­dered)
  • Tang (Two large con­tain­ers, Pow­dered)
  • Rice (White)
  • Beans — canned
  • Beans — dried
  • Beef bouil­lon — large — Cost­co
  • Oat­meal — large con­tain­er
  • Flour* — whole wheat and white
  • Sal­sa
  • Ketchup
  • Canned toma­toes for sauce
  • Pas­ta
  • Hot choco­late
  • Choco­late syrup
  • Molasses
  • Canned veg­eta­bles**
  • Crisco short­en­ing
  • Canola Oil
  • Laun­dry soap
  • Pan­cake mix / reg­u­lar and whole wheat
  • More toi­let paper
  • More paper tow­els
  • More Med­ical sup­plies
  • Hot sauce — make any­thing take good.
  • Lamp Oil

Oth­er preps (Not core for com­fort and )

  • Vod­ka and oth­er booze (cheap) for barter, and oth­er uses
  • Beer — Barter, con­sump­tion, etc.
  • Can­dy bars, bags of choco­late can­dy
  • Hard can­dy
  • Pro­tien bars


  • 5 — paint buck­ets with lids
  • Pad locks
  • Box for patio/deck to store items out­side of apart­ment that are tak­ing up space


  • Mylar bags
  • O2 Absorbers
  • Har­mo­ny house foods
    • Dried veg­eta­bles
    • Soy Pro­tein prod­uct
  • Moun­tain House foods
  • More seeds for gardening/farming

* Some of you might get on me for this one instead of buy­ing grains, but there is not a ton of room in the apart­ment, and I use the flour over time and rotate it out.

** Maybe, as I am look­ing into pur­chas­ing a dehy­dra­tor and dehy­drat­ing my own veg­eta­bles instead of buy­ing them.  I can pur­chase them at the gro­cery store and do it myself for a frac­tion of the cost… The dehy­dra­tor could pay for itself in no time at all…

This is an expen­sive list to “add” to what I already have.  How­ev­er, if I want to accel­er­ate my prepa­ra­tions, I feel like I have to add to it quick­ly.  I just do not feel like I have enough.  Next ques­tion, tak­ing a look at the finan­cial sit­u­a­tion and can I do this all at once or over the next three months???


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