Well, I had plans on writ­ing sev­er­al posts and refin­ing and pub­lish­ing them through­out the week.  Instead, I spent the past two days flip­ping the news chan­nels watch­ing the trag­ic sto­ry of those injured and killed in Tuc­son, AZ, just 45 min­utes from where one of my old­est and clos­est friends lives in Sier­ra Vista, AZ.  This was a trag­ic shoot­ing.  Good inno­cent peo­ple were hurt and died.  My heart goes out to all of them and their loved ones.

I am now unfor­tu­nate­ly flip­ping the chan­nels and sev­er­al news net­works had been spec­u­lat­ing that Jared Lough­n­er, the shoot­er, was part of the Tea Par­ty move­ment, spec­u­lat­ing this was a polit­i­cal killing, etc.  What are these net­works doing?  Peo­ple have died.  Please stop spec­u­lat­ing until all the facts are in.  Oth­er net­works are quick­ly pick­ing up the ball and run­ning with the gun laws spin.  Again, this is unfor­tu­nate.  Which brings me to a small rant.  Lough­n­er, in his infi­nite stu­pid­i­ty, by going on a killing spree, has once again whether he knows it or not start­ed the gun debate.  I do not want to take away from the deaths and injuries, that is not my inten­tion.  In fact, they are at the fore­front of my mind.  How­ev­er, just when things seemed like they might be eas­ing up for gun own­ers, this guy goes on a spree chang­ing peo­ples lives for­ev­er.  Sigh.

I under­stand Jared Lough­n­er had a YouTube chan­nel, and had a pret­ty sick thought process.  I did not Google him, nor did I look at his YouTube chan­nel.  I sup­pose that is what he would want whether he was psy­chot­ic and delu­sion­al or not.

I may not get to many posts today, since I will be work­ing at my full time job, and because I did not get my thoughts down on paper today, but I was drawn into this cow­ard­ly act of vio­lence.

To the fam­i­lies and friends of those affect­ed by this hor­ri­ble tragedy, my heart and prayers go out to you.

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