So, I finally had time to sit down and read M.D. Creekmore’s book, “Dirt-Cheap Survival Retreat, One Man’s Solution.”  I’ve actually had the book for sometime, but have been so busy just have not had the time to read it.  The book itself is short, and not full of fluff once you start digging into it.  The first thing I noticed when I started reading is that this was not theory.  M.D. moved to his travel trailer out of necessity.  In fact reading though the book he makes a lot of points that resonated with me while I look for a piece of my own property for a Bug Out Location/Weekend Retreat.

What I found is that this book was no nonsense.  Because M.D. moved into his travel trailer out of necessity with little cash to spend on luxuries, he set out to build a lifestyle that kept him warm, dry, fed, and for all intents and purposes, comfortable.  

When most people think survival retreat, they think an expensive well defended compound in Idaho, and then realize it is quickly out of reach financially.  By reading M.D.’s book, you will quickly find that this is not so.  He discusses everything from your search for “junk land,” to your shelter/trailer, to powering it, storing food and more.  He has written it to help others to comfortably have a plan for setting up their own retreat off grid.

I read through the book eagerly.  I noticed that M.D. and I parallel ideas on what to look for in a piece of property.  I also got several great ideas on tapping a spring, some practical off grid solar advice, securing the property as best you can, food storage advice, and even advice on a dental first aid kit, which I had not even given much thought, but now will, hygiene and sanitation methods… He even mentions a chainsaw, and it is something I realized that I needed to take into consideration when looking at the property I had looked at a couple weekends ago.

M.D. covers a LOT of ground in the 75 pages.  But keep in mind, it covers a lot of the basics that you need to live a basically comfortable life prior to your daily chores of raising your livestock, garden, etc.

So if you are thinking about purchasing a survival retreat, I urge you to spend the 12.00 dollars on this book and educate yourself about what you might need at your survival retreat.  You might just be swayed to do things on the cheap to keep life simplified…

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