Well, I had every inten­tion of pick­ing up a bit more for my food stor­age, main­ly flour in both whole wheat and white.  Picked up a five pound bag of brown rice, canned chick­en, two bags of dried chick peas, a bag of dried peas, and a few more items.  Well, I for­got the flour.  Eh, well, I’ll go to Cost­co tomor­row or back to the gro­cery store to pick it up.  Here’s the rea­son it was my pri­ma­ry goal to pur­chase; I read a blog post over at Apart­ment Prep­per on my way back from Los Ange­les Fri­day that dis­turbed me a bit.  Here is the post:

I was doing a lit­tle research this evening on the mat­ter and this is what I found:

There is a lot more out there on Google about this, and it seems pret­ty real.  My philoso­phies about bug­ging in while in the sub­urbs are pret­ty straight for­ward if you read this blog.  How­ev­er, I digress.

It looks like there is a real wheat short­age com­ing, and your loaves of bread may get pret­ty expen­sive, among oth­er things that require wheat in the com­ing months.  I’ve been exper­i­ment­ing recent­ly with mak­ing bread, and it may be pret­ty time­ly, by hap­pen­stance.  I may seri­ous­ly have to con­sid­er buy­ing wheat for stor­age and a grain mill.

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