Well, I had every intention of picking up a bit more for my food storage, mainly flour in both whole wheat and white.  Picked up a five pound bag of brown rice, canned chicken, two bags of dried chick peas, a bag of dried peas, and a few more items.  Well, I forgot the flour.  Eh, well, I’ll go to Costco tomorrow or back to the grocery store to pick it up.  Here’s the reason it was my primary goal to purchase; I read a blog post over at Apartment Prepper on my way back from Los Angeles Friday that disturbed me a bit.  Here is the post:

I was doing a little research this evening on the matter and this is what I found:

There is a lot more out there on Google about this, and it seems pretty real.  My philosophies about bugging in while in the suburbs are pretty straight forward if you read this blog.  However, I digress.

It looks like there is a real wheat shortage coming, and your loaves of bread may get pretty expensive, among other things that require wheat in the coming months.  I’ve been experimenting recently with making bread, and it may be pretty timely, by happenstance.  I may seriously have to consider buying wheat for storage and a grain mill.

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