Getting Started in Ham Radio

by Cameron Green of GAPP April 6, 2015 Communications

Here is a long overdue write-up on ham radio… I have quite a few friends that need help getting started and without a direction or some background knowledge, its daunting.  Keep in mind, this isn’t comprehensive, but it’s a good start.  I may expand this write-up in the future….any changes or additions I make will […]

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Budget Ham Radio

by suburban August 30, 2013 Communications

This article is by Cameron Green, of Green Academy of Personal Protection (GAPP). In 2003, the northeast of the United States (as well as parts of the midwest and Canada) suffered a severe power outage.  Traffic lights were not working so gridlock was rampant…. the subways and other  mass transit were not working so peoples […]

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The Secret Fears of a Prepper

by suburban August 15, 2011 Civil Unrest

Back from another daunting business trip to the west coast last week, I did something I don’t normally do these days.  I didn’t bring with me any of my travel preps or travel EDC. What?  You ask.  After both you and PrepperJim have been writing about the importance of bringing some preps on your business […]

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I Ordered My ARRL Ham Radio License Manual

by suburban October 1, 2010 Communications

I ordered my ARRL Ham Radio License Manual this week.   It was predicated on the Northern  NJ Meetup I attended a couple weeks ago, and another gentleman I met at the meetup some time ago that has his Ham license.  There is a lot of chatter in the survivalist world about being able to […]

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