Taser vs. Pepper Spray, by ShaneTheNurse

Over the course of my career as an ER nurse I have had many occa­sions to treat peo­ple who have been on the receiv­ing end of one of these. I can tell you hon­est­ly that if I was to be on the receiv­ing end I would rather be tasered than pep­per sprayed. In fact I... Read more
Splinting an Injury, by ShaneTheNurse

Splinting an Injury, by ShaneTheNurse

There you were just climb­ing that tree to fetch the squir­rel you just shot when the branch breaks and you fall and break your arms. Ouch! Thank­ful­ly you have a bud­dy that is trained to apply a splint and he is going to help you out. No mat­ter if it is closed or... Read more

Hydration for Children, by ShaneTheNurse

One of the com­mon mis­takes that peo­ple make is to treat a dehy­drat­ed child in the same man­ner as a dehy­drat­ed adult. For a child that is severe­ly dehy­drat­ed this will most like­ly mean death. I have been an ER nurse since the 1990’s and I can­not tell you... Read more