My Defensive AR Course with GAPPNJ

by suburban September 10, 2012 Guns / Weapons

“Oh man,” I thought as I forced myself out of bet this Sunday morning, I feel like I was hit by a small truck.  Wiping the sleep from my eyes, and prior to my first cup of coffee (as I write this it’s almost noon, and still need a first cup of coffee) I felt […]

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The Path of the Gun; explaining the virtue in the martial art that involves firearms, by Jesse Mathewson

by suburban March 26, 2012 Guns / Weapons

As an individual who believes in Liberty, Non-Aggression, Self-Defense, Self-Ownership and a Free Market without state interference it is Jesse’s firm belief that we should all be better students in life. His autodactic education in American History, World Religious History, Government and accredited education in Criminal Justice, Juvenile Deviance and Drug Related offenses and crime […]

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Mosin-Nagant for the survivalist

by shanethenurse February 13, 2012 Guns / Weapons

I am a big fan of the Mosin-Nagant rifles. What can I say the commies knew how to make a great rifle, though this rifle was designed and in use before Lenin and company came to power. There are a few variants of the common Mosin-Nagant rifle that most people are familiar with. The 91/30, […]

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Thoughts on Budget Guns for Survival, Part Two

by suburban January 23, 2012 Guns / Weapons

It’s been a month or so since I published the post Thoughts on Budget Guns for Survival, Part One, and honestly I haven’t given this much thought since then.  However, I think with the new year, and with many new resolutions out there, I want to get this post completed as the final post in […]

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Thoughts on Budget Guns for Survival, Part One

by suburban December 7, 2011 Guns / Weapons

Recently, I have been making it a point to frequent gun shows in my home state.  I’m looking fora new carbine, and thought it might be a good way to get a broader view of what is out there, and what I might want.   I have a very good idea of what I want, […]

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One Step Closer, National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act, Passes the House

by suburban November 17, 2011 Guns / Weapons

U.S. House Passes NRA-backed National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Legislation The U.S. House of Representatives has passed an important self-defense measure that would enable millions of Right-to-Carry permit holders across the country to carry concealed firearms while traveling outside their home states. H.R. 822, the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act, passed by a majority bipartisan vote of 272 […]

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A Prepper Ammunition Discussion

by suburban November 3, 2011 Guns / Weapons

The other night at dinner we got talking about ammunition caches… We discussed at a high leve what we thought everyone should have (personally speaking, of course).  One of the guys brought up JWR’s guide to ammo storage.  As you may or may not know, I think JWR, is a gear nut and that he […]

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Carbines, Shotguns, Rifles, and The New Prepper, Part Two, Contributed by Cameron Green of GAPPNJ.COM

by suburban September 29, 2011 Guns / Weapons

This is the second installment in a series of papers to educate the new prepper about what weapons they should have on hand.  I’m approaching this from a SHTF scenario, and while I’m not advocating using any firearm in an offensive manner, I stress that being able to use one to defend yourself is imperative… […]

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September is National Preparedness Month

by Prepperjim September 14, 2011 Cooking

Our government has designated September as “National Preparedness Month“. This contrasts with the FBI’s profiling preppers as potential terrorists. I imagine the message is “be prepared”, but don’t be too prepared. We still want you dependent upon the government, so don’t become independent! So, what skill do you want to develop for National Preparedness Month? […]

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Gear Review Kahr PM9

by Prepperjim June 1, 2011 Guns / Weapons

When choosing a conceal-carry-weapon (CCW), I had many things to consider. 1) Concealability in typical clothing worn in Houston, Texas 2) Stopping power, including reliability. 3) Availability and price of ammunition, both pre and post-SHTF.

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