2012 Urban Garden in Review, by an Anonymous Contibutor

by suburban February 22, 2013 Gardening

It was a great year! By comparison to last year and before our urban garden did very well. I credit a lot of our success to trial&error over the last several years, learning as we go, reading and researching why this or that happened etc. Before going into details some background is needed: We live […]

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A Few of the Many Reasons I Love

by suburban August 6, 2012 General

Do you know about  It’s a very popular website that is about “Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done.”  It is simply that.  I like it because every now and then they have cool DIY and MacGyver tips that I think relate to prepping and preparedness in general.  If this list doesn’t make […]

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2011 Urban Farming in Review

by ST December 13, 2011 Gardening

2011 was a pretty good year farming wise at home. For an urban (I do consider myself urban) backyard container farm we did pretty good. And more importantly, we learned a lot to apply for next year. Starting out we added several new containers to our farm. I was surprised my wife went along with […]

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by ST July 12, 2011 Civil Unrest

Famine – a severe shortage of food, as through crop failure or overpopulation. (“famine.” Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. HarperCollins Publishers.) More than merely a shortage or higher prices, “famine” is the extreme low end of scale. It is a systemic problem, not merely a matter of poor distribution or lack […]

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10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Become a Better Prepper or Get Started

by suburban May 26, 2011 Bug In

Traveling again this week and short on time, but wanted to put something together for you… I was going over ways in my head to help me re-align some goals and thought I would share a few of them with you…  These are in no particular oder Plant a garden, any garden. Go get some […]

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Reality check – Part 1: Farming/Growing Your Own Food

by ST May 10, 2011 Food

Every survival/prepping website and book has some section on growing your own food during a SHTF event.  There are ads for seed companies showing a person pushing a shopping cart down isles of empty supermarket shelves and the caption reads something like “How are you going to feed your family?”. And even one of the […]

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A Case for Growing Your Own Food In Suburbia or Not.

by suburban April 29, 2011 Personal

Since spring has sprung, I have been giving thought to the mini garden that is going to inhabit the deck on the back of my apartment this year.  What will I plant, how much travel will I have, and how much time am I going to have to tend to the container garden, blah, blah, […]

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Urban Blender

by Prepperjim April 27, 2011 bug out bag

In any environment, blending in can be an important survival tactic. It is no different in urban or suburban situations where fitting in keeps you under the radar and safe. Everything you do is either useful camouflage or dangerous attraction, from the cloths you wear, the car you drive and how you gather and store […]

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Plans to Build a Garden Box and Fall Gardens

by suburban October 4, 2010 Food

I have plans.  I always have plans.  But one of my plans this fall is to build a raised garden box the size of a table I have on the deck of my apartment.  It is worthy investment, assuming I am going to stay in this spot for the next couple of years so I […]

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Talk about Senate Bill 510 or S510

by suburban September 8, 2010 Food

There has been a lot of chatter about Senate Bill 510 recently, and I do not see much reporting on it.  What I do see is a lot of rumor and innuendo about it, and I have to be honest, that I must do more in depth research myself.  However, in light of recent chatter […]

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