The California drought and what it means for you

by Cameron Green of GAPP April 10, 2015 Food

California is facing one of the worst droughts the state has ever seen…. it is not the first drought, but based on the water levels (and projected water levels) the state is in dire need of water and water conservation. Governor Brown and the California legislature recently enacted water rationing measures trying to prolong the […]

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Hurricane Sandy… Two Years Later

by Cameron Green of GAPP March 23, 2015 Bug In

The events of October 2012  in the NY/NJ area are well known to the nation.  Hurricane sandy made landfall and wreaked havoc on many towns.  Being one of the most densely populated areas on the planet, the damage was in the billions.  Major parts of the NY and NJ infrastructure were damaged including railways, roads, […]

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My Guerrilla Berkey Water Filter Project in 20 Minutes or Less

by suburban July 13, 2013 Bug In

As far as I am concerned, this project has been well overdue.  Especially in the wakes of both hurricanes Irene and Sandy.  With hurricane season just barely upon us, and the loss of power, etc. last year, I thought it was time to prepare a bit for what might be to come.  In hindsight, this […]

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Back to the Basics

by Prepperjim March 7, 2012 Preparedness

I’ve been prepping for about 18 months now and have kind of lost the spark that drives me to keep going. I really have not done anything for the past two months other than listen to The Survival Podcast and some other “small” projects (subject of future posts). So, I figure it is time to go […]

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Hydration for Adults, by ShaneTheNurse

by suburban November 10, 2011 first aid

We have all heard the phrase “hydrate or die.” unfortunately most Americans fail to heed this advice.  When I was working the Arizona desert I noticed an increase in the incidence of pulmonary embolisms. So I did a small study and found that every single person was chronically dehydrated. Most of them had been in […]

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Saturday Videos

by suburban October 8, 2011 Politics

2 Activists Not Sure on Communist Solution SHTF CREW TAG The Day of Darkness Came Surviving Hypothermic Conditions Live, Laugh, Prepare… WROL Spring Development    

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September is National Preparedness Month

by Prepperjim September 14, 2011 Cooking

Our government has designated September as “National Preparedness Month“. This contrasts with the FBI’s profiling preppers as potential terrorists. I imagine the message is “be prepared”, but don’t be too prepared. We still want you dependent upon the government, so don’t become independent! 😉 So, what skill do you want to develop for National Preparedness […]

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The Two Most Common Ways of Purifying Water Post Man Made or Natural Disaster

by suburban August 26, 2011 Preparedness

Purifying water in an urban or suburban environment after a natural or man-made disaster When disaster strikes, the first thing on most people’s minds is the wellbeing of their loved ones and their own personal safety. Humans are pretty resourceful creatures and can survive with very little if forced to do so, but there are […]

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Different Story, Different Result

by Prepperjim May 15, 2011 Self Reliance

I noted previously that a lady survived 49 days in the wilderness of Nevada. Today, I read a story of a man who was trapped in Oregon and died after approximately 60 days. McDonald, 68, liked to camp. While he didn’t have a lot of food, he had gallon jugs of water, a jack for […]

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Survival 49 Days

by Prepperjim May 12, 2011 Water

On Monday, I read this incredible story of a woman surviving in the Nevada wilderness:  For 49 days, Rita Chretien waited for a miracle. Her husband had ventured off to get help three days after their minivan got stranded off-road in the cold, untamed Nevada wilderness. That left Rita alone without much beyond some hard […]

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