My name is Jack and I write The Suburban Survival Blog to put what I am learning about survival, prepping, and self reliance out there to help others prepare for what could be an uncertain future due to economic, weather, and other reasons.

I live just outside NYC in northern NJ, and it is quite suburban and only minutes from Midtown Manhattan.  With the economic climate, political issues, and uncertain future of our country going forward, I became very concerned about my own future.  As I researched and learned, I realized I was not the only one.  I  have spent the last year or so preparing for my own uncertain future.  I have spent a lot of money and probably more than I should have for items which I could have procured less expensively.  This is my journey, and hope that it helps others as I grow and learn.

This blog represents much of what I am learning, have learned, and my philosophy’s of prepping and survival in the urban and suburban areas which many of us live in the United States.  We are those that work hard (and I am sure everyone does), and like the suburban lifestyle, and dream of the rural change we can make.  But, this change comes with a price, as we are invested in the suburbs with mortgages that are out of control, families and those that are addicted to the urban and suburban lifestyle, etc.  This comes with it’s own challenges, and those challenges are the skill sets we either do not posses because we were not brought up with them, and must learn them, or we are completely ignorant to them and must research, learn, and practice them.

Another blogger, I read, calls us Yuppy Preppers, and he may be right.  But it is our right to preserve our life, and this is the chronicle I bring to you.  The SuburbanSurvivalBlog.com.