January 2013

My Business Travel Carry On – Altoid Kit Contents

by suburban January 24, 2013 EDC

One of my buddy’s asked what I bring with me when I travel on business.  I made a small video for him from my iPhone, but I thought I would publish contents of the Altoid kit that gets on the plane with me every time I fly.  It is TSA friendly, but lacks a blade […]

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Prepping, a New Girlfriend, and Her Dog…

by suburban January 6, 2013 Personal

Well, We’re all preparing here for whatever it is we are preparing for.  Hurricane, economic collapse, earthquake, civil unrest, whatever it is.  As a single person, prepping has been a pretty simple concept to undertake.  Know what my needs are and act on them.  Simple.  I want a months worth of food, I buy it.  […]

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