March 2011

Green Academy of Personal Protection, April 10th CCW Class, Phillipsburg, NJ

by suburban March 29, 2011 General

Just an FYI, I was chatting with Cam over at the other day, and he mentioned there is room left in the April 10th Non-Resident Utah and Florida CCW class that will be held at the Phillipsburg Pistol Club, Phillipsburg, NJ from 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m..  Contact Cam from the website if you […]

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What I Did First, by PrepperJim

by suburban March 28, 2011 Guest Post

I am going to preface PrepperJim’s post today with a brief statement, and say that I really personally enjoyed this post, as it let me know that I was not alone in making my own mistakes.   Making mistakes is how many of us learn, especially when we have no one else to bounce our […]

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I Just Took Over The NJ Preparedness Meetup Group

by suburban March 23, 2011 Preparedness

While it may not make a difference to many of you, our meeting group was in danger of dying a quick death.  It also looks like I am getting rather ambitious, and it may not be for the best.  I can barely find time to write this blog anymore, and thank goodness for the few […]

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Introducing Guest Blogger “Prepper Jim”

by suburban March 22, 2011 Guest Post

Please welcome Prepper Jim as a guest blogger… He will be providing some great information from time to time, and I look forward to his posts here… So without further hesitation, please let me introduce, “Prepper Jim.” Hi everyone. Please allow me to introduce myself. My “handle” out there on the anonymous Interwebs is PrepperJim. […]

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A Couple of Interesting Conversations on Food Prices on Sunday

by suburban March 21, 2011 Food

Sunday was an interesting day for me.  I spoke to a friend of mine that lives about 20 minutes outside of Allentown, PA.  He went to the grocery store as he always does on Sunday mornings.  He is a man of routine.  He picked up hes hand basket and proceeded to fill it with the items that […]

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Saturday Videos

by suburban March 12, 2011 Personal

Part One – Preparing and Survival in the City Part Two – Preparing and Survival in the City Part Three – Preparing and Survival in the City Part Four – Preparing for Survival in the City Beans, Bullets, & Band-aids Five Easy Survival Food Preps  

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Obscure Book and Movie Recommendations

by suburban March 11, 2011 Books

Obscure Book and Movie Recommendations, as provided to me by an anonymous reader and contributor Survival blogs and websites are full of reviews about this or that book for preparation and/or outdoor survival skills. Or how a popular movie or TV show exemplifies this or that aspect of preparation and survival. That is not the […]

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I’ve Been Pretty Quiet Lately

by suburban March 8, 2011 General

So, I’ve been pretty quite lately.  There are two reasons for this, primarily.  First, my new job, which isn’t so new anymore, has had me working and traveling between 12 – 15 hours a day.  That may not be a lot to some of you, and if I sound like I am bitching, I apologize […]

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Time to Purge, Spring is Coming

by suburban March 1, 2011 General

I am looking around the apartment after being away for a week on business.  I have been thinking I need several more #10 cans of freeze dried foods for longer term storage than what I have today.  Augmenting my food storage is always something that I am thinking about.  In fact I have to do […]

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