February 2011

Interest in CCW Classes in NJ, NY, or PA? An Interview with Cameron Green

by suburban February 28, 2011 Guns / Weapons

Cameron Green is a local  instructor for personal protection. One of his services is CCW training for “non-resident” Florida and Utah CCW’s.  I will be taking a Florida CCW course in the spring by Cameron.  In the process of discussion, I asked him if he might care to be interviewed about why someone might want […]

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Review of “Urban Survival Guide: Learn The Secrets Of Urban Survival To Keep You Alive After Man-Made Disasters, Natural Disasters, and Breakdowns In Civil Order”

by suburban February 18, 2011 Books

There aren’t too many books I buy where you get the opportunity to sit down to read them, and they are exactly what I was looking for.  However, in David Morris’s book “Urban Survival Guide: Learn The Secrets Of Urban Survival To Keep You Alive After Man-Made Disasters, Natural Disasters, and Breakdowns In Civil Order,” that is […]

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A Couple Personal Notes

by suburban February 17, 2011 General

First, again I am sorry for not having more frequent updates over the past week or so.  Next week looks like it may be similar because I will be on the road for work… With luck I can queue up a couple posts for you guys. Second, I am in the midst of reading a […]

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Grab Paper

by suburban February 16, 2011 bug out bag

A post by a guest author who would like to remain anonymous Articles and videos abound that discuss grab bags (aka “bug out bags”) for a SHTF event. Each varies somewhat for content but in general they all mention taking supplies of food, water, communications, clothes, medical, lighting, heating, defenses, etc. All good things to […]

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I’m still here, really…

by suburban February 14, 2011 Personal

Hey everyone.  I felt compelled to write a quick note, since several readers have emailed me this week asking if I either quit writing the blog or asking if everything was okay.  I didn’t realize I had such loyal readers.  Thank you.  A couple things are up with me this past week, just to let […]

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Spoke with Dr. Prepper Last Evening

by suburban February 8, 2011 General

I spoke with Dr. Prepper, James Talmage Stevens, the Author of “Making the Best of Basics” which has sold over 750,000 copies world wide in the past 30 years.  It looks like I am going to be on his radio show discussing urban and suburban survival on Monday, February 14th.

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‘Suburban’s” Take on Sharing Your Gear, Supplies, and Food With Others

by suburban February 7, 2011 Civil Unrest

Over the past couple of weeks a reader and someone I correspond with via email wrote a couple of posts for the blog that have had some good comments associated with them regarding ethics and gear.  You can find them here if you have not read them: The Case for Non-lethal Defense Share and Share […]

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Egypt and Their Civil Unrest

by suburban February 5, 2011 General

Unfortunately, I am afraid it will get worse their for their citizens before it gets better…

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Saturday Videos

by suburban February 4, 2011 General

WROL-Storm & Possible Terrorist Attack Underground Survival Bunker Cold Weather Survival Evaluation How to Store Water for Long Term Storage Defensive Baton Basics: “Move Fast, Hit Hard” by Nutnfancy

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Understanding Everyone In the City Will Be a Refugee Post SHTF

by suburban February 3, 2011 Preparedness

Not often spoken of, I think in the survivalist or prepper circle, is how to avoid becoming a refugee post SHTF. We talk a lot about prepping, we talk a lot about bugging out or bugging in, but we never really talk about the situation where we do find ourselves shut off from our gear […]

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